Myers Tax and Professional Services is an IRS authorized E-file provider that keeps up to date with the tax laws to confidently address your tax needs and put your mind at ease.We provide a range of Tax Solutions to individuals and small businesses in a wide range of income tax and related areas. Services are designed to assist clients in managing their short term and long-term goals by taking advantage of the tax code. Since one size DOES NOT fit all, our solutions are tailored to fit each client’s unique needs.  We understand that knowledge shared is power multiplied. This means —the more our clients understand the tax code, the better able they are at maximizing its advantage while remaining fully tax compliant with their tax obligations.Myers tax and Professional Services LLC., do not pop up right before tax season and disappear after the filing deadline but are open all year round to assist its clients. We provide a lasting satisfying experience for each client. So, trust the professionals dedicated to keeping with the company’s motto: “We take the trouble out of taxes and put your mind at ease.